The foundational belief of InterviewShark.com is to help people succeed by others successes.


Along with drive and determination comes the true desire to help those who are looking to move into a new career, apply for a new position, go after that promotion, or go back into the workforce after some time away.

Here at Interview Shark, our team of sharks have years of experience with many small, medium and large corporate employers, consultant employment positions and contract work positions, ranging from entry level to top level managerial and director roles. Our sharks strengths and on-the-job experiences provide a great advantage for those who are looking for a similar jobs with similar companies.

When the idea first came about, the concept was scrubbed through a variety of friends, family, colleagues, temp agencies, recruiting firms and other company personnel and all agreed – the need was extensive.


The true industry need along with our foundational belief is what keeps our team focused.

InterviewShark.com gave me the confidence and their background experience to put me ahead of the game against the other people who were interviewing for the same job I had my heart set on. I felt so much better after we talked and couldn’t wait for my interview with my head held high.

Allison P.

Being in the corporate world, it gets tough to go after some jobs when you know other recruiters are seeks talent, but having a “Shark” coach me through the interview process step-by-step took the intimidation factor out of the equation and I could focus on what I needed to focus on during the interview process instead of thinking “what curveball is going to be thrown my way?”

Mark H.

I worked a very prestigious career for over 10 years and then stayed at home for over 8 years to be with my children. When I decided to go back to work, I didn’t know where to turn – I felt like a fish out of water when it came to interviews. It was like blind dating. InterviewShark.com gave me the insight I needed to get back out there with my best foot forward. I can’t thank them enough!!

Megan P.

Straight shooters – full of information and not much “fluff.” I needed help and needed it QUICK! And they gave me the insight I needed to get the contract gig I had been looking into. I had tried for similar contract work in the past and was always passed on. This time was different, and likely with this contract it will lead to other work that will snowball. Huge shoutout to InterviewShark.com!

Seth A.